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I was born in Izmir in 1988. During my childhood and secondary education, i took dance and theater lessons. After finishing secondary education, went to a vocational high school with 4th degree and studied Graphic Design and Photography. By the way, at the same time while acting and writing, i started to interest in music and playing drums. Personally although continued these activities, my target was to enter 9 Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty Graphic Design Department. So i was prepared and accepted to Picture Department but due to some personal reasons, i couldn’t catch up on registration procedures. So then i went to Ege University EMYO Design and Printing-Publishing Department with transfer. Shortly after, i’ve realized that i was in the wrong place and directed my attention and abilities to music and subculture. In the first period of the second year in school, i dropped out Ege University and started to study again. While i was prepared, i’ve gained some experience in some advertising agencies and started to work by freelance.

I wanted to leave from Izmir, so i prefered another cities. After winning 9 Eylül University but couldn’t make it, i felt a little weak and couldn’t fasten my goal but regardless, i went to Bozüyük MYO which school just passed from Anadolu University to Bilecik University and studied Graphic Design and i did the best out of these two years: I joined some Graphic Design and Photography Contests and some exhibitions in my school, continued to write and sent articles with illustrations to Karakalem Magazine which Altay Öktem is one of the founders of. After i graduated with 1st degree in 2010, stayed in Izmir shortly and continued to write and work but beaceuse of my unsatisfied mood in the meaning of bussiness, i moved to Eskişehir which another city that i love so much. In there, after some research i got an opportunity to study abroad and applied for Graphic Design at Vancouver Island University Bachelor of Arts, Majors and Minors in Canada. Growing much faster than i had anticipated as a result of this event was positive but due to my health problems that complicate my everyday life, i had to go back to Izmir and after recovery, started to work weighted photography. I saw that the most of agencies are insensitive about professional ethics and i decided to work freelance. So still i’m working by freelance at kind of Graphic Design, Development, Photography, Experimental Cinematography - Music fields. I also continue to play drums and writing.

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